Workshop Vessels and Multibeam Echosounders

Date: Wednesday, 12th December 2012

Title: MBES: Vessel design, Data integration and processing, a Project and Theory &

Practice of determining Rock and Rock quantities

Location: Hotel de Boegschroef, Handelskade West 16, 9934 AA Delfzijl

13:15 Arrival with sandwiches, coffee and tea.

14:05 Opening by the day chair: Maarten-Jan Thijs

14:15 Albert Keijzer (No Limit Ships)

Workboats, multi- or single purpose

The No Limit Concept

14:45 Niels Wienke (GeoPlus))

MBES and Laser Scanning data, progress on processing challenges

MBES and Laser Scanning Data Progress on Processing Challenges

15:15 Break for coffee and tea

15:40 Thorsten Döscher (Chief hydrographic Surveyor, bremenports)

Multibeam Surveys along the Container Terminal in Bremerhaven

Multibeam Surveys along the Container Terminal in Bremerhaven

16:10 Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk (piLot Survey Services)

Determing Rock and Rock quantities using MBES with results from the MV2 and RWS

16:45 Holger Klindt (Chairman DHyG)

Deutsche Hydrographische Gesellschaft and IFHS.

Presentatation DHyG

17:10 Questions and Discussions

17:30 Closure by day chair