Location: Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam

Location: Delta Marking, Lijnden

Location: RAI Amsterdam - Hal 3 “Conferentiegebied”, Amsterdam
Fishery and bottom related obstacles on the Northsea. by from Society for Nautical Archeological Projects (SNAP)
The process of a cable repair project by from ECE Offshore
Hydrographic support for installation and maintenance of windfarms: a solution by from Periplus Group
Scour protection: maintenance and more by from Jan de Nul nv

Location: iXBlue bv, Haarlem

Location: Havenhuis, Antwerpen
Opening by the chairman of the day by from Ghent University
Help yourself! Are the open online data of the Dutch Hydrographic Service a convenient provision for all of us or only for the experienced geoinformatician? by from Dienst der Hydrografie
EMODnet bathymetry: a harmonised digital depth model of the European seas by from Vlaamse Hydrografie - MDK afdeling Kust
Full-Scale Measurements to assess Squat and Vertical Motions in Exposed Shallow Water. Focus on Keel Clearance by from Flanders Hydraulics Research
Integrated seabed mapping for management and industry: from 2d maps to 3d voxels to 4d evolution over time by from Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Operational Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature)

Location: Royal Boskalis Westminster nv, Papendrecht

Location: KIVI, Den Haag
Inertial navigation systems & Mobile terrestrial laser systems by from Royal Boskalis Westminster nv
Special use of voting in a room and webinars by from FlyeFish
IFHS, its current and future goals and objectives by from International Federation of Hydrographic Societies
Multibeam backscatter calibration by from Fugro nv
Pozyx, Accurate positioning by from Van Oord
Shallowest point determination and water column imaging by from RWS CIV
Results from the discussion about the interaction between HSB and IFHS by from Royal Boskalis Westminster nv

Location: STC Wilhelminakade, Rotterdam

Location: De Delft Museum, Rotterdam

Location: Teylers Museum, Haarlem
Interference and spoofing countermeasures in Septentrio receivers by from Septentrio
Galileo Navigation Message Authentication by from ESA
Reception by from Dienst der Hydrografie
Introduction radio interference by from NLR
Authentication solutions by from Fugro nv
Detecting and eliminating of GNSS interference signals with the NovAtel OEM7 interference toolkit by from NovAtel Inc.

Location: ss Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Location: VLIZ, Oostende
4D flood analysis and visualisation tool by from Vakgroep geografie/geomatica, Universiteit Gent
The measurement of coastal resilience with beach height monitoring by from Baars-CIPRO bv
Coastline health monitoring in The Netherlands and Kustgenese II by from RWS CIV
De zachte zeeweering by from Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium Borgerhout (Flanders Hydraulics Research), Vlaamse Overheid.
Hydrographic research: a case of progressive insight! by Carlos Van Cauwenberghe from ex vice-voorzitter van de HSB

Location: Waternet, Amsterdam
Onshore - the newest developments in regional waters by from Hussem Consultancy
Offshore - A look behind the scenes at the Hydrographic Office - Dutch Royal Navy by Marc van der Donck from Dienst der Hydrografie
Laser altimetry looks promising for measuring bathymetry in ditches by Edwin ten Hennepe from Waternet
Sediment out of balance - sediment maintenance in the Netherlands by from Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland

Location: World Forum, Den Haag
Data: analysis, presentation and management by from ESRI
Data: acquisition and processing by from QPS bv
AUV's by onbekend from SAAB
A charted course towards Autonomous Shipping by from TU Delft
AUV Risk management and future AUV developments by from Kongsberg Maritime Holland bv

Location: KIVI, Den Haag
The 'IJsselkogge' (1) by from Baars-CIPRO bv
The 'IJsselkogge' (2) by from Delta Marking
Wrecks in perspective by from Periplus Group
International maritime borders by from Dienst der Hydrografie
Laser calibrations by Marjolijn Adolfs from NHL / Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz
Extra Detections by from NHL / Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz
USB in use by the Fehrmarn Tunnel by from NHL / Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz

Location: Royal Boskalis Westminster nv, Papendrecht
Sustainable Seafloormanagement - Navigating through silt by from Groningen Seaports
Background sedimentological and nautical research to determine dredging strategies in harbours with cohesive sediment by from Flanders Hydraulics Research
Using seismics to determine nautical depth and detection of objects - an overview by from Stema Systems bv
Silt in the Rotterdam ports, job without end by from Havenbedrijf Rotterdam nv, Afd. Informatiebeheer Infrastructuur

Location: Mercator museum, Sint-Niklaas
Study of the movement of the shipping channel around the middle plate using old Scheldt maps by Kapt. A. Annaert
The importance of hydrographic surveys in the monitoring and evaluation of the plate-edge deposits in the Western Scheldt by from Flanders Hydraulic Research
Presentation new website HSB by

Location: RAI, Amsterdam
Software for survey and engineering at sea by from EIVA a/s
Software for the Hydrographic ocean by from Teledyne CARIS EMEA
Hydrographic and marine software solutions by from QPS bv
Developments in maritime software by from Fugro nv
Innovative hydrographic data management: now and in the future by from IntellinQ

Location: ss Hydrograaf, Rotterdam
Demonstration of the capabilities of GeolinQ software by from IntellinQ
Shallow Survey: 1 week on the Vlietlanden - part 1 by from Fugro nv
Shallow Survey: 1 week on the Vlietlanden - part 2 by from Teledyne CARIS EMEA
Inclinocam and 3Direct by from Fugro nv