Hydro17 took place in November 2017 in Rotterdam. During the three days of this annual conference, six keynotes and 45 presentations were given on the theatre stage of the venue: the permanently moored cruiseliner SS »Rotterdam«. The conference theme was Connecting 4D future, aiming to stretch connection in space and time from hydrography to any other relevant disciplines.


The HSB regularly organizes interesting workshops for her members. The aim is to widen, improve and spread knowledge of hydrography and maintaining relations between persons, companies and institutions.

Educational Fund

The Hydrographic Society Benelux manages an educational fund, named HSB Educational Fund. The HSB Educational Fund aims to stimulate hydrographical knowledge to students, i.e. by presenting an award for the best thesis and by supporting recognized hydrographical educational institutions within the Benelux.

Corporate members

Corporate members can take up to 2 employees of the company to the workshops and get two subscriptions to the magazine “Hydro International”. Furthermore they are included in the corporate members list on the website.


Marinestar L-band GNSS positioning

Marinestar delivers subscription based L-band corrections in G4+ mode up to 8 cm precise vertical and 4 cm horizontal accuracy (sigma=2) world-wide delivered by eight overlapping communication beams using over 100 reference station and redundant uplink infrastructure. GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo constellations are available now.

Fugro Satellite Positioning

Hydrography explained to kids

IHO Monaco