“Bathymetry - the foundation for sustainable seas, oceans and waterways”

Number of attendees: 29

Only available in Dutch

The following presentations have been held:
Opening by the chairman of the day by from Ghent University
Help yourself! Are the open online data of the Dutch Hydrographic Service a convenient provision for all of us or only for the experienced geoinformatician? by from Dienst der Hydrografie
EMODnet bathymetry: a harmonised digital depth model of the European seas by from Vlaamse Hydrografie - MDK afdeling Kust
Full-Scale Measurements to assess Squat and Vertical Motions in Exposed Shallow Water. Focus on Keel Clearance by from Flanders Hydraulics Research
Integrated seabed mapping for management and industry: from 2d maps to 3d voxels to 4d evolution over time by from Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Operational Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature)
The workshop has been held at:
Zaha Hadidplein 1
2030, Antwerpen
List of attendees:
Alain de Wulf
Alex Steffen
Andre De Lijser
Andrew Devlin
Axel Annaert
Bert Jeeninga
Cor Beemster
Dieter Van Campenhout
Guido Speelman
Hans Willem De Leeuw
Jeremy Van Ophem
John van der Marel
John Loog
Kevin Verelst
Leeke van der Poel
Leendert Dorst
Lieven Geers
Lorentz Lievens
Martijn Haag
Paulien Van Griethuizen
Rolien Besancon
Sander Terwee
Sonia Papili
Stijn Van Bossuyt
Thomas Vandorpe
Virginie Debuck
Wim Versteeg
Wim Kanneworff
kurt huygelier