"How hydrography can contribute to the United Nations Ocean Decade”

Number of attendees: 7

The HSB invites you to a workshop in the Mercator Museum in Sint-Niklaas. A lecture is followed by a tour of the museum, where a new exhibition has recently been opened.

The exhibition 'Straight through the sea. Navigating from 1500 to Today' tells the story of five centuries at sea with an ever-growing knowledge of cartography, geography and astronomy. Dozens of navigational instruments, from sextants to modern satellites, illustrate the fascinating story of the technological advances that made it possible for European sailors to sail to the Americas, India, Australia and the South Pole. On the basis of early maps and books, visitors travel via winds and currents to faraway places.

The provisional program of the day:

13:30-14:00 Arrival and coffee

14:00-15:00 Speaker HSB

15:00-16:30 Museum tour

16:30-18:00 Drink and snack


The workshop has been held at:
Mercator museum
Zamanstraat 49
9100, Sint-Niklaas
List of attendees:
Hans Muller
Koen Vanstaen
Leeke van der Poel
Mattijs de Lange
Sander Terwee
Tom Willems
bob devriendt