Hydrospatial: the future of hydrographic data

The Hydrographic world has not come to a standstill last decades. Just think of the evolution of the use of single beam to multibeam echosounders or more recent the use of unmanned vessels as successor to manned vessels. But on the field of data an evolution or maybe a revolution is ongoing. Bathymetric data is not only used for navigational purposes, data find more and more its way to new applications and is being integrated in other datasets to come to new insights.

In the workshop three experts will guide us through trends in the field of bathymetric and marine data.

A. Rafael Ponce (ESRI), together with Denis Hains, a leading role of the “hydrospatial movement”, will introduce the hydrospatial concept and argue why we have to consider to use this instead of hydrography.

B. Kate Larkin of the EMODnet Secretariat will give an overview of the marine data aggregation initiative of the European Commission and what we can expect in near future.

C. Finally James Hoskin of VRT/GISGRO will give an example how nowadays bathymetric data in the cloud can be integrated with other datasets for all kinds of applications.


Do you want to know more on what is going on in the hydrographic data-world, you should attend this workshop.

The workshop will be in the English language. 

Date: Thursday 14-04-2022 16:00-17:30 CET

Venue: Online Teams

You can join the workshop by following this link.


16:00     Welcome and Introduction

16:10     Rafael Ponce (ESRI) – Hydrospatial

16:35     Kate Larkin (EMODnet Secretariat) - EMODnet status and future

17:00     James Hoskin (VRT/GISGRO) - Hydrographic data visualisation in the cloud

17:25     Resume and end of workshop

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