Maintenance of the Great Rivers.

Number of attendees: 20

Workshop theme: “Maintenance & future of major rivers”.

Date: April 14, 2023.

Location: Restaurant-Brasserie “Moeke”-Rhenen, Veerplein 1, 3911 TN Rhenen.

Chairmen: Andrew Devlin and Henk van der Kaaij.

On Friday afternoon, April 14, 2023, the Hydrographic Society Benelux is organizing a workshop in a cozy location with the theme "Maintenance & the future of major rivers".

In addition to the 3 interesting lectures, the program deliberately provides sufficient space for mutual contact.

The moderators have done their best and hope for a good turnout.

In addition to members of the Hydrographic Society Benelux, non-members are also very welcome.


13.00h. Walk in.

2 p.m. Desire Savelkoul; “From crowdsourced data to bathymetry”

“In Europe, we have an inland shipping fleet of 10,000 vessels that sail through the many rivers and canals every day. All these ships have relevant sensors. What if we were to collect the measurements of the existing depth sounder with their position from all these inland vessels every second? With a few clever tricks, we are able to provide an up-to-date and accurate soil profile at any time of the day. We then translate this current soil profile into a loading depth and a bathymetric ENC for inland shipping, for example, but it also has added value for waterway managers and dredgers during maintenance.”

2.30 pm. Miriam van der Gauw; “Data driven maintenance”

“Maintenance decisions on large-scale projects are increasingly based on data. Based on this data, maintenance professionals can perform proactive maintenance to prevent problems before they occur. Data-driven maintenance offers advantages in terms of cost control. In addition, improving maintenance efficiency can lead to a reduction in long-term maintenance costs. Data-driven maintenance is an important part of modern maintenance strategies. By using data analysis and interpretation, organizations can improve maintenance efficiency, control costs and proactively address issues.”

3 p.m. Erik Mosselman; “River morphology: developments, future and impacts on use”

“The development of the river bed under the current weather conditions. The feeding of the rivers goes from glacier to precipitation. What does the future bring and what is the impact on the use of the river.”

3.30 pm. Possible extension presentations\questions

4 p.m. Network drink

Accessibility by public transport: Rhenen has a station on the Utrecht CS-Rhenen line. Also the possibility to go via Kesteren station and then take bus 44 to Rhenen (25 min).


You can register using the registration button at the top of this page. If you are still unable to attend after registration, please let us know by means of a cancellation via this same page.

The workshop has been held at:
Veerplein 1
3911 TN , Rhenen
List of attendees:
Alain de Wulf
Andre De Lijser
Axel Annaert
Ben Dierikx
Dirk Bakker
Erica van Emden
Gerrit van der Vliet
Gert Brouns
Klaas Visser
Leeke van der Poel
Lotte Schuitema
Mirjam (M..H.) van der Hoek
Peter Tiernego
Rob Luijnenburg
Rob Karis
Ronald Mossinkoff
Sjoerd van den Brom
Willem Visser