Offshore Energy online workshop

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Offshore Energy Workshop:

In recent years, as HSB, we have organized a workshop during the Offshore Energy exhibitions / conferences in the RAI. A normal conference and exhibition is not possible this year due to the Corona restriction rules. There has been consultation between HSB and OE for some time to fit an “online workshop” into the “first virtual edition of Offshore Energy”. This will take place on Wednesday afternoon, October 28, 2020.

The program includes two presentations with the opportunity to ask questions:

•15:15 - 15:30 Presentation 1, Geert Moerkerke, Elia:

            Title: Nemo Link Project.

            Subtitle: Focus on hydrography in the development and construction of an             Interconnector cable from the point of view of the project developer.

15:35 - 15:55 Presentation 2, Gert Brouns, DEME:

            Title: Survey activities during wind farm development

            Subtitle: The role of the hydrographic surveyor in wind farm development             from the perspective of the contractor.

Note: Questions can be asked in the chat box next to the broadcast and will be answered "live" after each presentation.

To "attend" the online workshop, you must register with OE-20, just like in other years, instead of an access badge you will now receive a personal password to gain access to the online workshop (being able to log in).

Procedure for free access to the online workshop for HSB members:

•Register via link:

Click on the left green field and follow the registration procedure that is self-explanatory.

•After the first registration part you will receive an email with a personal link to the "event platform".

•Save this personal link for the moment that is requested later.

•Click on “Complete registration form” in the email and follow the instructions:

•At “Visit type” choose the top option “Event access - light”

•The HSB workshop will be shown via “Talk Shows & Showcases”.

•The email “Your personal participation link to Offshore Energy 2020” contains the link ENTER THE VIRTUAL EVENT AREA!, Here you have access to the virtual OE-20 with your personal link code, not only during and to the line workshop.

•The HSB workshop will be shown via “Talk Shows & Showcases”.

•Advice: log in in time in case ...

The board of the Hydrographic Society Benelux cordially invites you all to attend this workshop. Unfortunately, the networking moments are missing at the start and at the end.

Best regards,

Leeke van der Poel

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