GNSS for New Precision Purposes

GNSS chips for mass markets reduce costs and increase the possibilities for new applications in positioning with GNSS. On this afternoon a number of new applications of centimeter-accurate GNSS applications will be presented by suppliers and users in the field.

This event is a joint workshop from the VPN, Nederlands Instituut Navigatie, HSB and Geo Info Nederland.

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  • 13:00 Welcome
  • 13:30 MOSAIC – an RTK receiver in a 3x3 cm package, Chris Lowet, Septentrio
  • 13:55 Universal RTK GNSS receiver, Tommy van der Heijden, MarXact
  • 14:20 Automated geomonitoring with low-cost GNSS sensors, Juergen Alberdingh, Alberdingh GmbH
  • 14:45 Break
  • 15:15 Crowd Sourced Bathymetry,Kapitein ter zee M.C.J. (Marc) van der Donck, Dienst Hydrografie
  • 15:30 Fit-for-Purpose GNSS-applications, Ernst Peter Oosterbroek,Kadaster International
  • 15:55 Bottom water sounding with GNSS, Theo Kleinendorst, Acacia Water BV
  • 16:20 Use of GNSS in Drones, Pieter Franken, Skeye BV
  • 16:45-18:00 Networking drinks in thet PSOR Café of Civil Engineering.
The following presentations have been held:
Work smarter with a Universal RTK GNSS Receiver by from Marxact
Automated geomonitoring with low-cost GNSS sensors by Jürgen Alberding from Alberding GmbH
Crowd sourced Bathymetry by from Dienst der Hydrografie
Fit-for-Purpose GNSS applications by Kadaster International by from Kadaster
Farmers Measure Water by from Acacia
GNSS and Aerial Drone Surveys by from Terra Drone
The workshop has been held at:
TU Delft - Civiele Techniek en Geowetenschappen, Collegezaal E
Stevinweg 1
2628CN, Delft