Offshore Energy 2022

Number of attendees: 45

As was customary before the COVID era, HSB is organizing a workshop during Offshore Energy-2022 in the RAI.

  • Date: November 30, 2022
  • Venue: OEEC22, RAI, Amsterdam
  • Doors open: 9:30, coffee & drinks served
  • Start workshop: 10:00
  • End of workshop: 12:15, incl break halfway
  • Drinks: will be served after 12:15
  • Possibility to visit OEEC22 after the workshop at your own convenience

If you already have a ticket for OEEC22, please send an email to so that no unnecessary ticket is requested for you and it remains available for other members.

Michael Malik, Stema Systems: Silas 3D System

Silas 3D is a complete  data acquisition, processing and interpretation system and is capable of mapping the Depth of Burial of objects such as power cables, pipelines, and other buried objects under the seafloor. Besides acoustically detecting UXO and existing pipes & cables during the engineering phase, it has the capacity to provide live cable tracking in the helmsman display, allowing real time visualization of the as-built cable  position and DoB after trenching.

Roel Vanthillo, Marlinks: Continuous Depth of Burial Monitoring

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) is a novel method to monitor burial depth (DoB) of offshore power cables. As opposed to snapshot cable tracker surveys, it has the benefit the DoB can be semi-continuously monitored. This reduces the risk of insufficiently protected cable by early detection and reduces the protection costs by only remediating the areas that really need protection.

Thomas Colonne, Van Oord: Implementing the vertical reference on the Saint-Brieuc Windfarm.

During pin pile installation far offshore, the surveyor faces a number of challenges to adjust each pin pile level: he is deprived of proper RTK and has to deal with strong currents. Some solutions found during the St-Brieuc project will be presented.

Daniel Cunny/Jack McCusker, SMD Artemis - Cable and Pipeline Tracking System 

The globalisation of offshore wind is presenting new challenges for power cable detection and survey. SMD worked at a fundamental level to solve these issues with the Artemis system. Some key considerations for survey practitioners as users of this new system are presented. The speaker will depict the journey of development thus far to get this new technology to a point of market acceptance.

The following presentations have been held:
Silas 3D System by from Stema Systems bv
Continuous Depth of Burial Monitoring by from Marlinks
Implementing the vertical reference on the Saint-Brieuc Windfarm by from Van Oord
Artemis - Cable and Pipeline Tracking System by from Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd
The workshop has been held at:
1078 GZ, Amsterdam
List of attendees:
Alain de Wulf
Andre De Lijser
Anna Oenema
Arnold Niessen
Bart Ursem
Bas Hamans
Chrispijn Scheltema
Cor Beemster
Diego Munoz
Dirk Bakker
Elice Collewijn
Erica van Emden
Erwin Landman
Floor van der Wateren
Gerard Mallee
Gerrit van der Vliet
Gert Brouns
Guido Speelman
Hans Tuinman
Hans Willem De Leeuw
Herman Huitema
Jan van de Velde
Leeke van der Poel
Lotte Schuitema
Mark Pronk
Marleen ten Napel
Martin Valk
Merte Peeters
Mike Lycke
Natasja Verboom
Nico Tuijp
Peter Aarts
Raymon van de Veen
Rob Karis
Rob Luijnenburg
Rolien Besancon
Ronald Mossinkoff
Sander Terwee
Sebastiaan Van Geel
Sjoerd van den Brom
Steven Kusters
Willem Vader
Wouter bouwmans
peter van Os
rein de vries