Satellite Communications and Effects for Hydrography

Number of attendees: 41

In recent years, the world of communication and connectivity has undergone major developments. For example, Starlink, which has ushered in a new era of global connectivity with its growing network of satellites.

The combination of these technological advancements is not only affecting the technical and organizational aspects of communications and maritime operations, but is also beginning to impact the social aspects of our work, e.g. remote working. The next four speakers will explain this from different angles. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.


1) 15:30-16:00 Walk-in and registration.

2) 16:00-16:30 Starlink Satellite communication status (Oigen Blankert, Fugro)

3) 16:30-17:00 Unmanned craft and communication at Fugro (Igor Dorrestijn, Fugro)

4) 17:00-17:30 Break

5) 17:30-18:00 USVs: technical and organizational impact (Dieuwertje Smallenburg and Erik Fijlstra, Deep BV)

6) 18:00-18:30 Social aspects of working remotely (Peter Aarts, Fugro)

7) 19:00 Light meal

The following presentations have been held:
Satellite communication status by from Fugro nv
USVs and Communication by from Fugro nv
USV's: Operationele & Organisatorische Impact by from Deep bv
The Revolution in Marine Geodata Acquisition - What does this mean for our Future Workforce? by from Fugro nv
The workshop has been held at:
Fugro Tech Centre
Prismastraat 4
2631 RT, Nootdorp
List of attendees:
Andrew Devlin
Arjan van Kampen
Bas Hamans
Bert van Roon
Bram van Oort
Danielle Brandwijk
Dirk Bakker
Frank van Basten Batenburg
Gerrit van der Vliet
Guido Speelman
Hans Visser
Herman Huitema
Herman Zweering
IJves Wesselman
Igor Dorrestijn
Jan van den Berg
Johan Verstraeten
John van der Marel
Koen Vanstaen
Kris Vanparys
Leeke van der Poel
Leon Hendriksen
Leonard Mooijman
Lotte Schuitema
Marco Kwanten
Mark Pronk
Marleen ten Napel
Mike Lycke
Rob Lambij
Rob Luijnenburg
Rob Fisher
Rolien Besancon
Ronald Keesmaat
Ronald Kuilman
Ruud Hendriks
Samuel Deleu
Thijs Ligteringen
Tom Van der Gucht
Wilbert Brink
Wim Kanneworff
van Hernen